The Enterprise Database

Tibero: A secure, fully compatible SQL RDBMS that scales easily and conforms to today’s cost optimized cloud architectures.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

We hear what the market is saying: enterprise class databases are significantly overpriced. So we decided to do something about it.

Tibero’s license fee is priced at about half of Oracle’s.

And we didn’t stop there!

Most support costs are 22% of the higher license fee. Tibero support is just 18% of our lower license fee.

Lower prices combined with quick transition make a compelling ROI.

Will you be next?

Tibero - 50% TCO Reduction

Easy to Port

When you convert to Tibero, your Oracle, DB2, and other SQL based applications continue to work unchanged and unmodified. Furthermore, Tibero is the only vendor to provide active clustering in addition to supporting Oracle commands, data types and supports SQL syntax/extensions so that conversion from Oracle is especially straightforward; in most cases It takes no longer than a typical Oracle upgrade.

Tibero and Oracle share so much database environment commonality your DBA will feel at home using Tibero.

TmaxSoft has successfully completed hundreds of Oracle to Tibero conversions worldwide, resulting in a validated and refined conversion process that accelerates the ROI.

Tibero Easy to Port - Auto Migration

Database High Availability:

Always On

TmaxSoft fully supports data clustering as the way to provide redundancy and failover. In fact, we are one of the few enterprise database vendors who offer a full range of availability modes: active-active clustering, active-standby, and failover standby modes. Tibero’s clustering is architecturally similar to Oracle’s and provides easy transitioning.

Improved Security

A common attack on databases is to replace true data with false data. Oracle handles this type of attack by digitally “signing” data so that any change is the data values will produce different “signatures” and would trigger a warning. So this simple class of attack should be neutralized.

But in the TmaxSoft labs, our engineers used the same algorithm and key lengths as Oracle uses in their digital signatures , and they were able to compromise the digital signatures in under 90 minutes.

We decided to take additional steps to protect data in Tibero.


Summary of Key Features
  • Half of Oracle’s license and support costs
  • Easy to port through automatic conversion tool
  • No change to existing SQL applications
  • Improved data security through stronger keys and expanded encryption
  • Enterprise performance and scalability
  • Database High Availability through active clustering

First, our digital key lengths are double Oracle’s length. This produced not a doubling of key complexity, but one exponentially larger. Our laboratory estimates indicate that using currently available compute technology, an intruder would need over 11 years to crack our digital signatures for just one dataset instance.

But there is more. We also “digitally” sign the location of the data. This means that one cannot take data and its correct “signature’ and relocated it elsewhere in the database, a common approach for injecting false data We are alone in the industry in building this type of security into our database.
Yet there is even more. Most databases use encryption subroutines stored elsewhere on the server, accessing the subroutines as needed through agents, and providing a new point of attack. Tibero instead includes these routines within the database code itself, thereby eliminating completely this form of compromise.

Tibero Digital Signing Manipulation Detection

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