Tibero White Papers
Virtualisation and the Oracle Database White Paper for Oracle ISVs

It will come as a surprise to many Oracle customers who run their database on soft-partitioned virtualisation such as VMware, that they are in breach of Oracle’s licencing rules. Read the whitepaper to find out how this affects you!

Tibero Simple Alternative to Oracle eBook

Tibero is an Oracle-compatible database which allows existing Oracle database applications to be ported with less effort and risk than carrying out an Oracle major version upgrade. Find out more about Tibero: The simple alternative to Oracle.

This whitepaper, jointly developed with IBM, will show you why Tibero is the most capable and cost effective database option for enterprise environments, and especially its advantages with Power 8.

Tibero White paper

This TmaxSoft white paper describes the thread architecture of Tibero RDBMS. Download the white paper to find out how Tibero meets the needs of modern business with high performance, availability, and scalability.

OpenFrame White Papers
OpenFrame Whitepaper

This TmaxSoft white paper talks about mainframe modernization though rehosting and TmaxSoft’s advanced re-hosting Solution, OpenFrame.

OpenFrame eBook Cover Image

This white paper explores the best legacy modernization option for your organization. Find out what the choices and the risks are, by downloading this free eBook.

Web Application Framework White Papers
Jeus & WebtoB whitepaper

This TmaxSoft white paper describes the characteristics of the optimized integration architecture of TmaxSoft’s Web Application Framework JEUS and WebtoB.

JEUS whitepaper

This TmaxSoft white paper gives an overview of JEUS 7 which forms part of TmaxSoft’s Web Application Framework.

TmaxSoft WebtoB White Paper

This TmaxSoft white paper describes how implementing a Highly reliable web server is possible, with TmaxSoft’s WebtoB.