Privacy Policy

Member refers to users of the TmaxSoft website who are registered as a general member, customer member, or partner member.
TmaxSoft is aware of the importance of protecting our user’s privacy. TmaxSoft has established a policy for protecting its member’s private information.
Please contact the web site or private policy representative whenever you’d like to inquire about this policy.

  • TmaxSoft Privacy Policy contains the following content.
  • Purpose of collecting and using personal information
  • Use of personal information
  • !View/Modify/Delete personal information
  • Period of keeping and using personal information

Purpose of collecting and using personal information

Depending on the type of membership, the TmaxSoft web site provides various services that do not require membership registration or personal information. To provide such service, the following type of information may be collected.
1. Collection of personal information according to the membership type
The TmaxSoft web site may require the collection of personal information such as email address, name, phone number, etc.
2. Collecting cookie information
Connecting to the TmaxSoft web site will store at least 1 “cookie” (if the brower accepts cookies) in the member’s web browser as a very small text file. TmaxSoft uses the cookie to improve services to its members in the following ways.
Analyzing the frequency of visit, time of visit, and usage of the member aids the realization of customer oriented marketing and enhancing services.
Frequency of visit of the members participating in the events hosted by TmaxSoft is analyzed of its level of interest. This becomes the basis for providing distinctive services and structuring the services.
* Members can change the environment setting of the web browser to allow cookies. It can be set to accept or reject all cookies, and also include a prompt step prior to storing or modifying each cookie.
3. Collecting web log info:
When connecting to the TmaxSoft web site, we try with good intention to provide the most efficient service by collecting logs on the member’s system connection environment. The logged information is as follows.
Browser, user language, o/s, display resolution, display color
Connecting IP, domain, country
Search engine or web site
Search key word or phrase if originating from a search engine
Webpage view, estimated duration of view per webpage
4. Collecting communication information
The TmaxSoft web site provides the web-based inquiry service for active communication with its users. In addition to personal information, this service requires collections of information such as company name, job title, inquiry type, etc.
When members request for termination of their membership, the reason for termination might be asked. This information will be used to improve the web site services. At any time, registering again for membership is possible to get access to the TmaxSoft web site.
5. Collecting information to share amongst Family sites
TmaxSoft may at times provide additional services to members through our Family site. As such time, personal information may be shared with agreement by members. Also, additional information may be requested from members for specific services.
6. Collecting information to provide distinctive services
TmaxSoft will strive to continually improve its services and content to members. When new services are being developed or a 1:1 service for the member is to be provided for this purpose, additional personal information may be requested. This service will take place after user agreement process, so a distinctive service by selection is possible

Use of personal information

TmaxSoft will request user agreement when going beyond what’s described in “Purpose of collecting and using personal information”. With the use of such process, it is proved that the member’s personal information is not provided to a third country and that it is only for the collection purpose.
If TmaxSoft will use personal information other than for providing services to its members, it will ask prior agreement from the user.

Prior to sharing any personal information, members will be contacted with a request for consent. The request consent will contain:
The purpose and the party to whom personal information is shared with
The personal information provided
A method for the member to consent to sharing the information

Exceptionally, it is possible to provide the information without member’s agreement in the form that does not identify individuals for the purpose of academic research or web site statistic analysis and marketing research. However, before the member’s personal information is provided, a prior notice to the member via email of the following entries will be sent.
The purpose and the party to whom personal information is shared with
The personal information provided

View/Modify/Delete personal information

The member may view or modify personal information as it is registered in the TmaxSoft web site at any time. To view or modify personal information, click “Modify personal info” (or “Modify membership info”) to go through the authentication process to view or modify personal information.
Also, the user can always terminate the contents that was agreed for collecting, using, or providing personal information that took place during membership registration. This can be done by going through the authentication process in the “My page” service and requesting membership termination. After membership termination, all personal information registered for the general member are deleted immediately. For purchase and partner members, verification with the related company for membership termination is done prior to deletion.

Period of keeping and using personal information

TmaxSoft deletes any personal information of its members if the purpose for retaining the personal information no longer exists.
Such events are

  • Deletion of one’s own personal information is requested
  • TmaxSoft terminates a member due to misuse of website, reasons including:
    If a member endangers protection of personal information of the others
    If a member disrupts the web site from providing stable service
    If a member violations the Private Policy of the country managing the
    member’s personal information
  • The information collection is for a purpose (such as a survey or event signup) that has been fulfilled and the information is no longer required to conduct normal services to the user.
  • When personal information of its members are collected for the purpose of managing, protecting, and improving TmaxSoft web site services, the personal information may be kept without deletion. The member is notified via email regarding this with:
    The duration and purpose of keeping personal information
    The personal information that is to be retained
    Duty to notify of the changes in Private Policy
    This Privacy Policy can be modified at any time. TmaxSoft has the duty to notify its members prior to posting the modified policy to the web site. It is foreseen that the modification would mostly be for the individual services. Changes in this policy will be posted at the top of this page. Policy before change will be managed separately by the Privacy Policy representative, and will be available for view upon request.
    TmaxSoft is doing its best to protect its member’s personal information.
Terms of Use

The following terms of use must be read and agreed to by all users who wish to access the TmaxSoft website.

Article 1 - Purpose

The purpose of this Terms of Use is to define issues related to the rights, duty, usage condition of the service and regulations between TmaxSoft and users of internet services (hereafter stated as “service”) provided by the TmaxSoft.

Article 2 - Term Definitions

The definition of terms used in this Terms of Use is as follows:
1. Service: refers to all services that are provided by TmaxSoft through the TmaxSoft website.
2. Users: refers to members and non-members who access the TmaxSoft web site.
3. General member: General members may be any user who registers through the website. General members can use the internet services provided by TmaxSoft in accordance with these Terms of Use
4. Customer member: refers to private or corporate entities that have purchased a TmaxSoft product and are eligible to receive differentiated services.
5. Partner member: refers to private or corporate entities eligible to receiving differentiated service due to having a business partnership with TmaxSoft.

Article 3 - Validity and revision of the Terms of Use

1. The Terms of Use may be revised from time to time when required by changes to the operation of the TmaxSoft web site or when TmaxSoft deems the need for revision.
2. When TmaxSoft revises the Terms of Use, the effective Terms of Use along with the effective date will be available on the TmaxSoft web site. However, when revision entails contents that will affect users, at least 30 days notification will be provided for users before the effective date of the new terms. TmaxSoft will endeavor to give notice to the users in an easy to understand manner of the changes to the Terms and how it affects users.

Article 4 - Service of use request

1. If users wish to use TmaxSoft’s member services, they must provide information requested by TmaxSoft for the membership registration.
2. All user information users provide us for membership registration process is treated as real data. If a user provides incorrect information in given, they might be forfeiting their legal rights and may be restricted on the use of the services.

Article 5 - Establishing service usage contract

1. The service usage contract grants general membership when the user has agreed to the Terms of Use and requested registration. Customers and Partner member registrations will be authenticated before activating their online account. When this process is successfully completed, the user will be notified of their membership activation.

Article 6 - Deletion of Information

TmaxSoft may delete any information provided by members without prior notice on the basis of any of the following criteria
1. If the content’s purpose is to defame a third party or other members
2. If the content violates public order
3. If the content is deemed to be an illegal act
4. If the content violates the copyright of TmaxSoft, or third party
5. If the content is adult content or links to adult content
6. If the content has the potential to infringe negatively on TmaxSoft’s profit

Article 7 - Limitations and responsibility of service use

Use of the TmaxSoft web site for personal sales activities of a particular product is strictly prohibited without a written consent from TmaxSoft. Especially members cannot perform commercial acts, illegal distribution of content and such through hacking, money making, advertisement, or adult sites. Loss or forfeit of property and legal measures arising from violating this is outside of TmaxSoft’s responsibility.

Article 8 - Limitation of service provisioning

TmaxSoft may delete any information provided by members without prior notice on the basis of any of the following criteria
1. TmaxSoft may restrict or stop part or the service in either of the following cases.
① If there is maintenance or work on any components related to providing the service
② Failure by 3rd parties responsible for electronic distribution of the service
③ In case of national emergency, power outage, failure of service equipments, or heavy load on service causes difficulty in continuing normal operation
④ Other events out of TmaxSoft’s control arise that are deemed to reduce the service experience.

Article 9 - Responsibility of TmaxSoft

1. Unless a special reason is available, TmaxSoft will allow the use of services to its member from the moment of registration.
2. TmaxSoft will continuously strive to provide stable services in accordance to this Terms of Use. When equipment failures occur, TmaxSoft will be responsible for restoring service as soon as possible. However, in cases of natural disasters or other emergency situations, the services may be temporarily or completely stopped.
3. If TmaxSoft acts on complaints issued by its members regarding its services, it will process the complaints. However, if prompt processing poses hardship, the reason and the processing schedule will be notified to the members via email or land line communication.
4. TmaxSoft observes the contents of this Terms of Use and the service contents in relations to the member’s privacy protection.
5. TmaxSoft strives to provide the utmost convenience to the members in contract related processes and contents such as accepting contract of use, and change or termination of contracts.
6. TmaxSoft will cooperate fully to the requests of customer protection organization such as data storage and access.
7. TmaxSoft will maintain the security system to protect user’s personal information so the members and other users can use the internet service safely.

Article 10 - Responsibility of Users

TmaxSoft may delete any information provided by members without prior notice on the basis of any of the following criteria
1. Users should adhere to the regulations, service usage guide, cautions, and other legally stated processes and contents by TmaxSoft stated in this Terms of Use, and users must not perform any act that will disrupt the operation of TmaxSoft.
2. Members should be careful with managing their account credentials, so unlawful use does not occur. Unless TmaxSoft claims responsibility, and it is responsibility of members to manage their TmaxSoft account credentials.
3. When a member discovers that his/her user id or password has been unlawfully used, he/she must report to the TmaxSoft web site immediately.
4. Members must not undertake commercial activities through TmaxSoft’s services without prior agreement by TmaxSoft. TmaxSoft is not responsible for the result of any such commercial activity that violates the Terms of Use by the member. When loss due to such commercial activity affects TmaxSoft, the member is obligated to pay for the losses to TmaxSoft
5. If members performed any of the following acts in relation to the Terms of Use, TmaxSoft can restrict or terminate the service use contract of the member. However, when TmaxSoft restricts of terminates one’s membership, the member will be notified of it beforehand to provide room to explain themselves, before membership is cancelled.
① Inappropriate use of other member’s personal information or account credentials such as email, user id, and password
② Any act duplicating or providing contents acquired from the use of the services to a third party for use in publication, distribution, commercial use without prior agreement from TmaxSoft
③ Any act posting contents that trespass on other’s patent, brand, confidential information, copyright or other intellectual property, or distributing such to others
④ Any act distributing via transmitting/posting/emailing of information/diagram/figures of adult/illegal contents that violate public order
⑤ Any act distributing to others information that can violate other’s privacy due to its insulting or threatening nature via transmission/posting/email or any other methods
⑥ Any act objectively deemed to be in association with crime
⑦ Any act collecting and/or storing personal information of members without agreement from TmaxSoft
⑧ Any act disrupting other’s use of TmaxSoft services, or other acts that threatens the TmaxSoft services or other electronic transaction regulation such as embezzlement of such information

Article 11 - Termination

1. When members wish to terminate the service use contract (hereafter membership termination), they must access the TmaxSoft web site and request for termination of the service use.
2. TmaxSoft will restrict the use of services immediately once the termination request is accepted.
3. TmaxSoft may restrict membership registration for a certain period of time for the members whose membership has been terminated

Article 12 - Range and request for damage compensation

1. In the event of a natural disaster or other external uncontrollable causes, TmaxSoft is not responsible for any loss to its services, damage or loss of member data stored on TmaxSoft’s servers caused by said event.

Article 13 - Exceptional clauses

1. TmaxSoft is not responsible for any personal losses resulting from use of services, unless TmaxSoft is shown to be directly liable.
2. TmaxSoft does not take responsibility for service failure use resulting from a member’s error in using the services provided.
3. TmaxSoft is not responsible for any content members post or transmit through the website.
4. TmaxSoft is not in any part responsible for occurrences where the service provided by the TmaxSoft website is used as a medium to trade items between members or with a third party.

Article 14 - Settling disputes

1. TmaxSoft and its website users will strive to resolve any dispute related to the service peacefully and to the satisfaction of all parties concerned.