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Tmax (Transaction Maximization) is the market leading Transaction Process Monitoring (TPM) solution that provides optimized transaction processing, reliability and transaction integrity in distributed application environments. Tmax is Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) Middleware with an open and flexible architecture. It conforms with the DTP model of X/Open, the International TP-Monitor Standard, and it defines the functional layer for processing distributed transactions (DTP), following the Open Systems Interconnection Basic Reference Model (OSI model).

Tmax delivers many benefits including:
  • Stream pipe communication provides full queue prevention and fast recovery
  • Peer-to-peer monitoring, making immediate error handling possible
  • Domain-based clustering allows for both single domain and multi-domain clustering
  • Automatic deployment
  • Reliable queuing prevents data loss and guarantees data transfer
  • Open and flexible architecture provides interfaces for compatibility between systems
  • Manages resources automatically according to the system load
  • High performance communication
Tmax Architecture
Tmax Architecture

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