Tibero DataBase Brochure Download

Tibero, Tibero is an innovative database management system (DBMS*) that delivers optimal business value. It efficiently manages resources to achieve optimum performance.

OpenFrame is a rehosting solution that enables mainframe assets in a mainframe legacy system to be migrated to a more reliable and high performance open system. The applications, resources, and data from a mainframe system are converted to a less expensive and more flexible open system.

JEUS, a web application server, is a platform that can develop and service applications in the web environment.  The web application server provides a program execution environment  and database connection functionality. Furthermore, JEUS efficiently  manages a multiple number of transactions and implements and  processes business logic.

TmaxSoft WebtoB Brochure

WebtoB is a web server that processes HTTP requests to provide web pages for users.  It offers superior performance and stability by overcoming the structural problems of  existing web servers. It is designed to provide reliable service when receiving a large  volume of transaction requests. Error conditions, such as processing delays and server shutdown, can be effectively managed using WebtoB.