Infrastructure software does more than make your organization function properly, it can drive competitive advantage. For example, if you can reduce cost in one area, you can invest in other strategic directions. TmaxSoft has developed a host of enterprise software solutions that stand up to the global infrastructure software powerhouses and fulfill key needs for today’s massive data-handling transitions.

JEUS is a complete and compliant EE6 web application server (WAS) for dynamic web page delivery and forms part of our Web Application Framework.

TmaxSoft WebtoB Brochure

WebtoB is a web server that processes HTTP requests to provide static web pages for users and forms part of our Web Application Framework.

Tibero DataBase Brochure Download

Tibero is a secure, fully compatible SQL RDBMS that scales easily and conforms to today’s cost optimized cloud architectures.

OpenFrame is a complete rehosting product set that moves mainframe applications into a multi-tiered, x86 environment.