The best RDBMS for the Virtual Data Center.  Or any data center, for that matter.

As Big Data continues to explode, your company has the potential to harness its power for innovation. Data is your competitive advantage, and the pressure is on in every industry to win and grow customers.  Agility is essential. Cost-effectiveness paramount.

TmaxSoft is shaking up the database market with Tibero – the enterprise database that competes and wins head-to-head, time and time again, in comparisons with Oracle. There is a viable alternative to Oracle and EnterpriseDB.

Tibero bridges the gap between legacy relational databases and the new paradigm of running workloads in virtualized data centers and the Cloud, allowing enterprises to fully leverage their investment by embracing a simple, true utilization licensing model.

It’s the agile, affordable workhorse you need to drive data warehouse and custom applications supporting your BI and Analytics initiatives.  So whether you’re a CMO, CIO or CFO—and whether you need your database foundation on-prem, virtual, in the Cloud, or appliance-based–your choice is clear.

Over 1600 companies are trusting their data to Tibero, and seeing big results.

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Key Features

Freedom of Choice.
Tibero for Cloud and Virtual Data Center

When you’re ready to virtualize or Cloud-enable your database, Tibero is the logical choice to drive your digital business. Agile companies–from small to enterprise–choose Tibero for its performance, scalability, out-of-the-box security, and flexible licensing.

  • Tibero’s licensing model allows enterprises to fully maximize their virtualization investment by only licensing the cores associated to a given VM, rather than Oracle’s soft partition model of licensing 100% of the cores, regardless of how much of the resources the database consumes.
  • This leads to real savings both in CAPEX and OPEX leading to drastically lower TCO, allowing you to divert savings to other strategic growth initiatives and fund further innovation.
  • TmaxSoft is an Elite member of the VMware TAP Alliance.
  • Tibero is certified VMware Ready. Oracle does not certify or support its database for VMware.
  • Tibero is available as-a-service for hourly usage and billing, in the AWS Marketplace. We also have alliances with IBM SoftLayer, and other CSPs, giving you the ultimate freedom of choice in support of your Cloud strategy.

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AWS APN Technology Partner

Flexibility of choice.
Tibero ZetaData Appliance

When you need a high-performance, integrated, and optimized data system that can be easily deployed and runs on the hardware of your choice, you need ZetaData – the Tibero appliance.

  • ZetaData dramatically reduces administrative burden for your IT staff
  • With ZetaData, you pay for only what you use, with our flexible licensing model
  • ZetaData helps you get applications quickly into market, more efficiently and affordably
  • ZetaData is at least half the cost of Exadata.
  • ZetaData is composed of a DB Server that utilizes Tibero Active Cluster technology, a storage Server which integrates multiple storage instances by using Tibero Active Storage virtualization technology, a high Speed infiniband Switch that connects these together, a resource Manager, and Flash Cache.

With all the performance and value of Tibero in an engineered system, ZetaData delivers the lowest TCO to support your rapid time-to-market objectives.

Tibero BI-zetadata
Power of choice.
Tibero for Linux on Power

Super-charge your application performance and lower your TCO with Tibero for Linux on Power.

This knockout combination provides massive cost savings and enormous performance advantages:

  • Tibero for Linux on POWER provides four times the performance, at one-sixth of the cost of the equivalent technology from Oracle on x86.
  • Tibero for Linux on POWER makes it possible to consolidate multiple, Oracle x86 database servers to a single POWER server.
  • These cost savings and performance advantages can provide new budget for additional or previously shelved projects.
  • This massive performance improvement comes from Tibero’s ability to fully exploit the POWER platform’s multi-core and its multi-threaded architecture.


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