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Break free from the limitations of status quo middleware

You don’t have to settle for the ordinary security, performance, throughput and cost of your current web application framework. JEUS and WebtoB deliver a complete suite of synergistic, interoperable middleware products that raise your standards.

JEUS is the world’s first Web Application Server that’s Java EE 7 certified. WebtoB is a web server that provides superior performance and reliability. Used together, these products improve performance by sharing memory and eliminating the network traffic required when two products are deployed on two servers. JEUS and WebtoB can monitor each other’s nodes and load balancing to insure coordination.

They also deliver remarkable security advances. Together, they can sense and remediate a Denial of Service attack, and minimize its effect on legitimate requests. Since no open firewall port is needed between them, the entire class of attack is eliminated.

JEUS and WebtoB are ideal for:
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