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OpenFrame enables enterprises to take (lift) your existing mainframe assets and move (shift) them to open system environments, with no change to existing legacy program business logic. You save on costly mainframe contracts, more effectively leverage critical data and gain a more flexible, modern and transparent environment.

OpenFrame delivers many benefits including:
  • Rapid time-to-deployment, ensuring the fastest ROI
  • Reduced total cost of ownership that enables increased investment in innovation
  • Accommodates growth with scalability to over 100,000 MIPS
  • No change to any application business logic
  • Use your existing workforce and skillsets
  • No change to the end-user experience
  • Container-enabled and data modernization
  • Analytics of legacy source code as part of detailed assessment
  • Conversion to multi-tiered cloud-ready software architecture
What are MIPS?

Million instructions per second (MIPS), which is a measurement of CPU resource consumption.

Openframe Rehosting Process
Openframe Rehosting Process

What is Rehosting?
Rehosting lets you take your existing mainframe assets and move them to the cloud or on premise quickly and with minimal risk. Rehosting is a cost effective method of addressing the challenges of maintaining a decades-old mainframe and its applications.

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Three mainframe rehosting paths exist with OpenFrame, depending on the maturity level an enterprise plans to reach.
Reducing MIPS:
Enterprises can reduce MIPS consumption by identifying high-consumption or data archiving workloads in their existing environments and offloading these workloads onto less costly open systems or the cloud.
Re-platforming Legacy Apps:
Outdated components can challenge the cost effectiveness of your mainframe and affect the ROI of any major IT upgrade. Rehosting enables you to migrate legacy apps to a new open platform simply and cost effectively.
Replacing the Mainframe:
Sometimes a mainframe has been around for so long that its apps and systems are draining your budget and slowing innovation. In these cases, the mainframe is moved as-is to an open system where it provides services equivalent to those on the mainframe. There are no changes to the underlying business logic of the user interface.

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Your mainframe is holding you back. Should you do nothing, upgrade, re-write or rehost?

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